10 Halloween Costumes You Probably Don’t Want to See Your Kids In

Happy Halloween 2013! I hope that you have some wonderful plans for this evening . Halloween is one of my favorite holidays…the candy, the ghost stories and spooky music, and who can forget the costumes. Halloween is my favorite holiday because you get to see just how creative (or uncreative) your neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers can really get with their costumes.  I’ve seen some really good ones and I’ve seen some very questionable ones in my time.

While searching the internet for a creative costume for myself, I came across a few pretty interesting costumes.  Below I have listed 10 Halloween of the most creative, humorous and highly inappropriate costumes that I found online. You probably shouldn’t dress your kids in any of these.

Warning: This post is for grown-up eyes only and is not workplace friendly!

10. A Couple of Boobs


9. Moose Knuckle Fat Elvis


8. Wonder (Why) Woman


7. The Human Kool-Aid Man


6. Aging Hooters Girls


5. Geriatric Spider Man


4. (Trouser) Snake Charmer


3. The Little (Trojan) Man


2. Nudist Family Picture


1. Special Delivery


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