Physical Therapy Humor

If you have ever been to Physical Therapy before, you know that you need a good sense of humor to be able to get through all of it. My grownup job (when I’m not blogging) is a Physical Therapist Assistant. That’s right, I dish out the “Pain and Torture”, as my patients would like to tell me, on a weekly basis.

Lately, I have been finding little Physical Therapy humorous quotes around the internet that I can relate to. I decided to compile a few PT funnies of my own.

Warning! These are not going to be funny to you unless:

  1. You are a PT/OT/PTA/COTA
  2. You have been through PT or know someone who has
  3. You work in the medical field or
  4.  You just have a sick sense of humor.

Regardless, enjoy!



Physical Therapy HumorFunny Workplace Ecard: HIPPAPHYSICAL THERAPYPhysical Therapist

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